Bringing Clarity to Complexity 

Governance Expertise  

A large part of Judy’s voluntary work as a Trustee of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) requires her to determine the overall strategic direction and development of the Institute through good governance and effective strategic planning.

Passionate about the need for good governance, Judy's clear thinking and outcome-focused approach enables her to play a vital role in the boardroom by ensuring the right strategies, procedures and policies are in place to manage resources effectively and to  provide long-term oversight and stewardship to protect an organization's reputation, brand and values.

Judy is enthusiastic to expand her Non-Executive Directorship portfolio with a FTSE listed company. She travels regularly to London to undertake complex and challenging assignments in her area of specialist expertise of strategic planning, growth and change in her Non Executive Director roles with both the Institute of Consulting, and the Chartered Management Institute.

Non Executive Director Assignments

Institute of Consulting: Chair                                     September 2011

The Institute of Consulting (IC) is the professional body for all consultants and business advisers. Designed to raise standards of professional practice in support of better business performance, the Institute provides a development path for the profession, supported by high quality resources and a recognised qualification route. As the Chair of the Council Judy has to lead the council in their  detailed policy development to develop IC’s strategy and vision, ensuring they address member and stakeholder interests.


The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. The Institute is the pre-eminent authority for the profession of management, ac ting as a standard bearer for the profession. 

 The Board of Trustees is the CMI's governing body.

 As a Trustee, Judy is responsible for the overall strategy of the CMI. She agrees the annual business plan and budget and sets and monitors the key performance indicators. She has responsibility for the financial health of the organisation and monitors areas of risk. As a member of the Board she approves the published accounts for issue to members and to the Charity Commission.

Chartered Management Institute : Trustee         October 2008 to date

CMI: Nominations Committee                                  2010

As a member of the Nominations Committee Judy is required to oversee the process for the election of members to the Board, the nomination of the President Elect and members of the Audit Committee. She also makes recommendations to the Board on the appointment of Committee Chairman designate.

CMI: Chair of Awards & Qualifications                   2011

As the Chair of the  Qualifications Committee Judy leads this Committee in the development of one of the major and growing areas of the Institute’s strategy – its awarding body, which includes issues of education and qualifications, strategy, policy, international development and strategic alliances.

NHS: Liverpool Heart and Chest Trust Hospital   2008/2009

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital provides heart and chest services for the North West of England, including North Wales and the Isle of Man, it became a NHS Foundation Trust in December 2009. Judy joined this Board as it prepared its application for NHS Foundation Trust status and underwent MONITOR review (Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trust).