Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Communications Development

Judy is able to bring clarity to complexity while communicating a compelling and inspired vision or sense of common core purpose.


With considerable expertise in the creation and implementation of communication strategies for major people change programmes, Judy is able to rapidly analyse complex business challenges and scenarios and formulate viable communication solutions. Judy has international experience of organising complex initiatives and events, often with tight budgets and involving multiple locations.


Judy’s communication development skills enable her to bring strategic focus alongside her tactical skills, enabling her to work effectively with senior management and bring operational and tactical know-how directly to the table. Able to integrate her work with that of other functions, she deals effectively with ambiguity, network and building relationships.


These are a valued combination of skills when delivering results to her clients.


Case Studies


Head of Communication (Greenfield Appointment)  

Assigned, with an internal consultancy brief to the corporate HQ in Paris for Universal Sodexho, a US$ 550 million subsidiary of Sodexho (a worldwide leader in food and management services) worldwide, and working directly with the CEO and with complete autonomy, Judy was commissioned to create and implement a new Divisional Internal Communications function worldwide. This was to address a failing regional communication system across 44 countries, the direct result of a sudden merger with a sister company and the unexpected acquisition of a large American business. Her job was to cement in place a common understanding of the business across the globe, and then execute a common strategy in context with the business environments around the world.


She achieved the objective by developing, influencing and improving cross-country and cross-cultural contacts at every level within the organization. This involved introducing the concept on a company Intranet, creating a bilingual company newspaper in French and English, developing a suite of on-line knowledge management tools, and then cementing these in place by establishing a culture of transversal communications at each level of management.


There was, to use the words of her CEO, “A rapid and profound effect on profitability”.


Commercial Marketing & Bid Centre Director (Greenfield Appointment)

This post was created for Judy to enable her to bring structure and coherence to business development resources, skills and competencies.  Spearheaded a corporate brand-identity campaign to achieve a consistent message and clear market positioning for the company, while improving its credibility and visibility. Recognised as a first in pulling together all the Division’s diverse skills and cultures in a single project, (U.S.A., Oman, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Kazakhstan, Norway) to achieve a ‘best solution’ for the business, this initiative was subsequently christened “Transversal working” by the company.