Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Change & Innovation 


Judy is a bright and intelligent manager and deals with concepts and complexity comfortably. She is often described as intellectually sharp, capable, and agile.


Judy is an original thinker and a value-adder in brainstorming settings, and can facilitate very effectively in such events. Comfortable in the role of “change agent”, she is happy to challenge the status quo and instigate change. She is focused on ensuring that change then results in operational activity that delivers results for clients.


Case Studies

Creation of a Learning & Development Centre

Tasked to act as a major change agent to develop and establish a specialised Learning & Development Centre within an existing nuclear site organization.  This Greenfield project required an existing small and ineffective Training Team, who were marginalized and without adequate profile within the site, to be developed into a holistic and integrated support for the strategic management of training within the business. The Centre had an annual budget of £1.3m, a staff of 16 and provided over 400-site license courses required to maintain nuclear compliance with Government/International regulation. This entailed over 120,000 Hrs training per annum.


Innovative Delivery of Contractual Obligations

Winner of the Sodexo UK Innovation Forum, for creating an Interface Manual to control the delivery of facilities management to 15 offshore platforms in the North Sea, as well as creating tools to effectively manage the contracted scope of work including service level agreements and compliance audits


Commercial Department

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a public body set up to decommission, clean up and contract with licensees who operate the UK’s nuclear sites. Magnox Ltd is one of these licensees.

Judy was challenged to introduce greater commercial accountability to management activity of a £100M annual budget on site as a result of new contractual obligations imposed by the NDA. Judy led a working team of 4 specialist interim consultants to introduce the required new competencies on-site.